Can I bring firewood?

Due to an increase in the use of pallets and other unapproved firewood being brought in my campers, we are updating our policy. Going forward, patrons may NOT bring their own firewood onto Tall Pines property. We have firewood for sale here at the Headquarters Barn.

What if I lose my Easy Pass?

You should keep your number in your phone under contacts.  That way if you lose the card you are still able to register quickly.  If you don’t have it, we can look it up if we are not too busy.  When we are busy you will probably have to fill out waivers again and get…

What is an Easy Pass?

It is a card we issue to you that has your registration number on it that links to your waiver and ID.  That way, you only have to print your name and number, pay and go ride.  No more waivers to fill out.