Rules and Regulations

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    • Tall Pines ATV Park Rules and Safety – ATVs, UTVs, and Dirtbikes ONLY. No Jeeps, Trucks or Roxor like machines.  NO THREE WHEELERS!

    • 1. DOT Approved or Snell Approved Helmets must be worn at all times. If your motor is running, your helmet should be on.  This includes when you are loading or unloading.  One warning!

      1. Trails: Marked with Orange and Black Arrows.  ALL ONE WAY, NEVER BACK TRACK. Degree of difficulty marked like ski slopes, Easy, Intermediate, and Difficult.  The Difficult trails are recommended for 16 years and older riders.  There are rocks, roots, steep areas, side hills, stumps, etc. that you cannot get around on difficult trails.  Easy and Intermediate trail have some of the same obstacles, but you can go around them.
      1. Farm roads: These are the wide dirt roads that we use in our farming operation. Traffic is two-way, speed limit is 20 MPH.  Be prepared to meet large equipment, cars and trucks. Pay attention!
      1. Closed Trails: These trails are closed for a reason.  They will be clearly marked as closed. DO NOT go on any trail that is closed.


      1. STAY ON THE TRAILS: Do not ride through any of our fields under any circumstances.  They are part of our Agricultural Enterprise, our cattle count on them for food.  There will be NO WARNINGS given for riding in the fields or other places like the forest off the trails.  We catch you, you go home.  Do not make any NEW trails.  Ride only on the marked trails.


      1. Town Roads: All the Town and Village of Andover roads are open to ATVs, Side X Sides and Dirt Bikes. Speed Limit is 20 MPH, no stunts, wheelies, donuts.  ABSOLUTELY NO LOUD EXHAUSTS!  Please stay on the blacktop, not on the shoulder.  Remember these are PUBLIC ROADS, keep to the right.  Do not ride on the wrong side of the road.  Stop at the stop signs.  If you go downtown, please remember to use hand signals for turns..  Dirt Bikes are now banned in the Village due to the actions of a few people. Riding on these roads is a privilege, not a right.  Obey the rules so we all can continue to ride these roads.


      1. Emergency Numbers: Take an Emergency Number Card.  Call these numbers if you have a problem on the trails.  If you can’t get a tow in, we can usually get one of our guys to come help you.  Try to help yourself first.  If you are injured and have two phones, CALL 911 first.  They will lock your phone, so you can’t call anybody else for about 15 minutes.  Have some else call us and give us an approximate location of what trail you are on, so we can find you. It is important that you know what trail you are on.  If you don’t know the trail name or number, try to see your surroundings and describe them. If you have only one phone, call us first, give us your location, then call 911.  We will send our EMT’s out to get you ready for the ambulance.  We have EMT’s on location 24/7


      1. SPEED LIMIT: in the parking lots and camping areas is 5 MPH.  Town Roads, Village Streets are 20MPH.  Quiet time is 10:30 in the camping areas, no loud music, loud parties, etc.  NO CAMPING in the parking lots.


      1. Alcohol and Drug Policy: If you drink, Please Drink Responsibly. Excessive drinking, public intoxication, driving motor vehicles (including ATVs, UTVs, Motorcycles) under the influence of alcohol or drugs above the NYS Legal Limit, underage drinking, or drug use will be reported to the police and offenders will be banned from Tall Pines without refund.
      1. Pets: Pets are welcome at Tall Pines. Please keep them under your control at all times. If there is a problem caused by a pet, please be aware that it is your problem, not ours.  Please pick up ALL of your pet’s droppings from the parking lots and camping areas. 


      1. Loud Exhaust: We ask that you leave your exhaust system stock or if you have an aftermarket exhaust, it must have a quiet core.  We WILL be checking exhaust levels starting May 1st, 2021.  We are starting with a 100 DECIBLE Maximum.  New York Noise Limit on State Trails is 90Db.  AMA Race Noise limit is 96Db. We will be enforcing the Spark Arrestor rule too. When some of our neighboring ATV parks put in a noise limit, the loud ones started coming here and it got way out of control last year.
        We demand that you have a US Forest Service Approved spark arrestor.  All stock exhausts have them as do exhausts made for trail riding.  Most racing exhaust systems do not have spark arrestors.  We are not a race track, so please get appropriate exhaust for riding on the trails here. The noise pisses off neighbors and can close trails. Since some of our neighboring ride parks have instituted noise limits, the loud ones started coming here.  
      1. Children: All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by parents when riding. Parents, Guardians are responsible for the actions of your children. 
      1. Trails OPEN at 9:00AM every Day.
      2. Trails CLOSE at SUNSET every day. Check your phone weather apps for sunset time.
  • REMEMBER, STUPID HURTS!!!!!!  You are in control of your future, be CAREFUL!!!!!!!