Rules and Regulations

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Tall Pines ATV Park Rules and Safety –

  • ATVs, UTVs, and Dirtbikes ONLY. No Jeeps, Trucks or Roxor like machines.  NO THREE WHEELERS!
  • DOT Approved or Snell Approved Helmets must be worn at all times. If your motor is running, your helmet should be on.  This includes when you are loading or unloading.  One warning
  • Trails: Marked with Orange and Black Arrows.  ALL ONE WAY, NEVER BACK TRACK. Degree of difficulty marked like ski slopes, Easy, Intermediate, and Difficult.  The Difficult trails are recommended for 16 years and older riders.  There are rocks, roots, steep areas, side hills, stumps, etc. that you cannot get around on difficult trails.  Easy and Intermediate trail have some of the same obstacles, but you can go around them.

REMEMBER, STUPID HURTS!!!!!!  You are in control of your future, be CAREFUL!!!!!!!