Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in Tall Pines ATV Park!  Below are some frequently asked questions that will hopefully clear up any confusion you have.  If you still have questions after reviewing this section, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.  

1. Does my ATV need to be registered and insured?  According to NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law, it probably does.  You are riding on private property here, but we don't check or enforce this rule.  However, if you have an accident where someone is injured, the State Police will be called by the hospital and you might get a ticket.  Most side by sides cannot be registered in NYS.  They are treated as equipment and can be driven on the public roads.  If you want to go down into the village of Andover, you need to have license and insurance on all ATVs and bikes.  Just Insurance on Side by Sides.

2. Does Tall Pines rent ATVs?  No we don't.  Wish we could.

3. Can my young children ride wearing their bicycle helmets?  ALL riders are required to wear DOT Approved motorcycle or ATV helmets.  You don't put a million dollar head in a ten dollar helmet!

4. Are you Open?  We are open 7 days a week from January 2nd to the Sunday before the start of next Rifle Deer Season in November. You can always check our website for any unscheduled closing.  When it's real cold and lots of snow you can always call us to get a trail report.  No more Tough Mudder events.

5.  Are the trails open during the 24 Hour Race?  Yes, most of them.  Approximately 25% of them are closed during the event.  They will open right after the race finishes at about 11:00 on Sunday morning. Remember, they race ALL NIGHT so if you think that is going to bother your sleeping, you might want to pick a different weekend to come.  

6.  Are all the trails wide enough for my Side X Side?  Yes, except for the "Bikes Only" they are all wide enough for any S X S we have ever seen.  They are groomed by a bulldozer that is 7' wide.  

7.  Can my 18 year old sign a minor waiver for his girl friend, brother, cousin, friend, etc?  NO.  The minor waiver has to be signed by a parent or guardian.  If you are bringing a waiver with you and the parent who signed it is not with you, we will need a copy of the signers Drivers License.  No Exceptions!

8. Do I need to bring my driver's license or picture ID?  Yes, so we can enter you and your waiver into our computer system.  We will issue you an "Easy Pass" to speed up registration.  The records are secure and are not ever shared with anybody.

9.  What is an Easy Pass?  It is a card we issue to you that has your registration number on it that links to your waiver and ID.  That way, you only have to print your name and number, pay and go ride.  No more waivers to fill out.

10.  What if I lose my Easy Pass?  You should keep your number in your phone under contacts.  That way if you lose the card you are still able to register quickly.  If you don't have it, we can look it up if we are not too busy.  When we are busy you will probably have to fill out waivers again and get a new number.  At some point we may start charging for lost cards.

11.  Why should I follow the directions on the website instead of following my GPS?  Two reasons.  Barrett Hill Road and Pixley Hill Road.  They are very steep,rough, NOT BLACKTOPPED, and are "Seasonal Use Roads".  They are marked as such.  There is no Maintenance, i.e. PLOWING SANDING or SALTING.  Follow our directions and stay on the good blacktopped roads.  You don't want to have problems on the way here.  Save yourself trouble and save your transmission, use our directions.

12.  What if I arrive at Tall Pines and there is nobody there to register me?  There is a list of phone numbers on the door and on the table inside the door.  Start at the top and start calling until you get somebody.  Don't give up.  We are still an operating farm.  We are close by and will come as soon as you call. If you don't get someone right away, get unloaded and try again. 

13.  On a Family Season Pass, can I have my uncle and my cousin and my brother on it?  NO. A Family Season Pass is for a Mom and Dad and minor children who live at home.  Once the children are old enough to buy their own beer, they need to buy their own season pass. 

14.  How old does my child have to be to ride ATVs?  We leave that up to the judgement of the parents.  We do however want to see young riders on a machine appropriate for their size and skill level.  Children under 16 need to be under ADULT supervision.




Season Pass Increase

Starting January 1st, 2017, All new Season Pass holders and Season Pass Renewals who wish to keep and maintain their campers or trailers on the property for the season, must pay a $250.00 fee on top of the standard Season Pass fee to do so.

2017 SxS Hill Climb


2017 SxS Hill Climb Competition

Pre-Registration is now open. Click on the link. Download and fill out the form, and email it back to the address on the second page.

Hill Climb Entry Form - Word version

Hill Climb Entry Form - PDF version

SxS Hill Climb Competition - $20.00 Entry Fee paid on site day of event.

Awards to top 3 in each class.


  • Turbo
  • 1000 to 900 CCs

  • 800 to 700 CCs

  • Below 700 CCs

  • Aces are allowed and will be allocated by CC Class

King of the Hill – $20.00 Entry Fee paid on site day of event.

  • Fastest on the hill
  • No Class Restriction

  • Half of Entry Fees to King of the Hill will be awarded to winner.

(Entry Fees DO NOT include camping and ATV Trail Passes)


  • Event Begins at 10:30am on Saturday, May 20th, 2017. Meeting to be held at 10:00am at the bottom of the hill.
  • Running order will be set at the meeting.

  • Drivers are not allowed to adjust running order once set.

  • Ripping caution tape disqualifies the driver.

  • 5 minute time limit on the hill.

  • Once the time limit has expired, the driver is disqualified if still on the hill.

Safety Requirements

  • Side by Sides only. No sand rails, dune buggies, or go-karts.
  • Full roll cage required.

  • Doors and window netting on driver’s side required.

  • Full Face DOT Helmet required, No Half-Shells.

  • Eye Protection Required.

  • Safety Belt Required.

  • No passengers allowed.



Welcome to the famous Tall Pines ATV Park in Upstate New York!

ATTENTION:  Before you read any further, please be mindful that WE DO NOT RENT ATVs at Tallpines ATV Park.

Riders come from all over the Eastern United States to enjoy our 75+ miles of well-maintained trails! We aim to please! We offer ATV trails, single track dirt bike trails, hills, lots of mud, a motocross track, an obstacle course, challenging trails, and nice smooth trails.

We pride ourselves on being the premier ATV Park of the East Coast. Our amenities include cabins, showers, dump station, a power washer, campsites, and a cafe. And of course, friendly, personable service.

We strongly recommend that your machines are registered and insured, but we do not enforce either type of documentation.  Helmets are required at all times the wheels on your machine are moving. 

We welcome all kinds of ATVs, Dirt Bikes, and UTVs, but please, keep your 3-wheeler at home.


We are a family owned and operated business in Upstate New York, and we believe in putting family first.

We hope that once you experience a weekend at Tall Pines, you'll feel like part of our family of riders, and you'll join the group of riders who make a regular trip here - sometimes from hundreds of miles around - to join us for a fun filled weekend.

In addition to an ATV Park we are also a fully functional farm specializing in Christmas Trees, grains, pumpkins, cattle, and much more.


We ask everybody to abide by our rules and regulations to ensure all riders have a fun and safe experience. Everybody must sign a waiver, no exceptions.  Those files are available for download under the Waivers tab above. Please continue reading the rest of the rules listed below.

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