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We are a family owned and operated business in Upstate New York, and we believe in putting family first. We hope that once you experience a weekend at Tall Pines, you’ll feel like part of our family of riders, and you’ll join the group of riders who make a regular trip here – sometimes from hundreds of miles around – to join us for a fun filled weekend. In addition to an ATV Park we are also a fully functional farm specializing in Christmas Trees, grains, pumpkins, cattle, and much more.

ATV TOURS are the best entertainment method when you are in the outdoors, it is an adrenaline rush you have to experience. It is a family adventure date.  The www.Motocentral.co.uk Online Super-Store has all size vehicles from kids to the adults. If you are in your summer vacation, camping with your friends and family, it will beat any expensive vacation and the bonding time is priceless !!!

It is safe with the proper supervision and you can even take a few classes with a special trainer to get you going !