Our Cabins

Our Cabins

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All of our accommodations are serene, and offer a beautiful view just off the ATV trails. There is plenty of parking available, and room to set up tents outside the cabin. Get your buddies, bring dinner and smores, and enjoy a relaxing peaceful night cooking around the fire.

Each cabin easily sleeps 6 people, and while we do provide mattresses, we do not provide linens. Please remember to bring your own linens or sleeping bags. Also, each cabin has solar lights and, of course, a Porta-John is nearby.

Check out our Yurt! Traditionally used by nomadic people in the Eurasian Steppe, a yurt is a cross between a cabin and a tent. Our Yurt is spacious and comfortable with plenty of room for the whole family.  The Yurt is off the beaten trail and sits on a secluded ridge all by itself.


At this time, the majority of our cabins are located in close proximity to each other.  The Fraser, Honeymoon Inn, Sunset, and Red Pine are located in the same general area near the end of our cabin road. 

The Spruce is located at the beginning of our cabin road, a moderate distance from the other cabins, but is still close enough to walk to see any of your friends that may be staying in a different cabin.

The Yurt is located a good distance away from our other cabins on a completely separate ridge providing superb isolation if you are looking for a nice and quiet stay. 

Please keep watching our website for a Cabin Map coming soon!

Sizing and Spacing Information:

The Fraser and Honeymoon Inn each have one full size bed and four twin size bunk beds.

The Spruce and Sunset each have one futon and four twin size bunk beds.

The Red Pine is a smaller cabin with one full size bed and two twin size bunk beds.  This cabin also has a connection on the rear of the building for your generator to hook to.

The Yurt is isolated by itself with its own Porta-Potty and is equipped with six twin size bunk beds, but does not have a full size bed or futon.

The Tesla is our newest cabin and located next to the Edison and near our Headquarters and the showers. It sleeps 4 with two double beds, bunk style, and is fully electric.

The Edison is located near our Headquarters and the showers.  It sleeps five, one double bed and 3 singles.  It has Electricity, a microwave, and gas heat.


Please keep these accommodations in mind when reserving your cabins.


Each unit is a flat rate of $79 a night for up to six guests, except for the Tesla Cabin, which has electricity at $90 per night, and the Edison Cabin, which has electricity and gas heat and is $115 per night. These prices includes NY State Sales Tax and Allegany County Occupancy Tax! Any guests over six will be an additional $10 per personOn holiday weekends, we respectively require each reservation to be for a minimum of two nights. 


If your reservation is not paid within 48hrs, the registration system releases your reservation, and the cabin becomes available to other guests. This is very important! Please either pay now, or click the payment link in the email confirmation.


If for any reason you must cancel your stay with us and cannot make your reservation for your cabin, the refund policy will be as follows:

10 or More Days prior to your reservation date =  Full Refund

5-9 Days prior to your reservation date = Partial Refund of 50% Cabin Cost

4 or Less Days prior to your reservation date =  No refund of any amount

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


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For your protection and ours, we process payments with PayPal. Your transactions with Tall Pines ATV Park are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by PayPal's dedicated team of security specialists.

In order to confirm your reservation, please check out with PayPal or your CREDIT CARD once you have selected your cabin and verified your dates.

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